Cooking is unlocked after crafting your copper oven.

In this section, you turn raw food into cooked food using heat and an oven. Ovens have various tiers, reducing the burn probabilities for each tier crafted.

Oven Burn Rate
Clay 1/2
Copper 1/3
Iron 1/4
Gold 1/5
Crystal 1/6
Adamant 1/7


Eating food provides energy for your Slayer Skill. Cooking food requires heat, which is produced in your Firemaking Skill.

Fish Energy
Shrimp 50
Anchovy 150
Tuna 300
Swordfish 600
Shark 900


Eating Allotments gives Fish Bones and Energy as following:

Allotment Energy
Potato 10
Onion 15


Each level or research upgrades this to a better version.

Level Cost Effect Time to research
1 500 Coins Burning food still gives experience. 1 minute
2 100,000 Coins Cooking has a 10% chance to refund heat. 1 hr
3 250,000 Coins 4 hrs
4 1 Milling Coins 12 hrs
5 10 Million Coins 24 hrs
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