Unofficial Slayer Scape 2 Wiki

Unlocked after producing your first log.

There are two sections in Fire Making. Fire and Rewards


There are two things here, heat, which is used for cooking and smelting advanced ores, and the Demon Butler.

Here is a table of heat production.

Material Heat/log Heat/plank
Oak 2 6
Willow 3 9
Crystal 4 12
Skeletal 5 15
Tropical 6 18

The demon butler is simply used to collect all of the rewards below.


When you reach certain amounts of heat you unlock rewards, these have various tiers and reward. Typical cooldown is 12 hours.

Reward Heat Needed Bonuses
Crests 100 Crests
Mining Pack 2500 Ores and Coal
Crafting Pack 7500 Bars
Woodcutting Pack 10000 Logs
Firemaking Pack 15000 Heat
Fishing Pack 25000 Raw Fish and Feathers
Cooking Pack 75000 Cooked Fish
Farming Pack 100000 Seeds


Each level or research upgrades this to a better version.

Level Cost Effect Time to research
1 500 Coins Once you unlock a firemaking reward, it will be unlocked permanently, even if your heat level is reduced. 1 minute
2 100,000 Coins Planks can be added to fire to generate even more heat. 1 hr
3 250,000 Coins Every second, rewards have a very small chance to be instantly refreshed. 4 hrs
4 1 Milling Coins Claimable firemaking rewards are doubled. 12 hrs
5 10 Million Coins 24 hrs