Unofficial Slayer Scape 2 Wiki

Unlocked after you receive Small Bones.

Prayer is used to buff other actions throughout the game. There are three sections; Prayer, Blessings and Resources.


This section is simply to show the current amount of Favour you possess.

Favour - Generated by objects acquired from the Slayer Skill. The values they provide will be shown in the resources section of this article.


These are buffs that can be provided by using favour at a ratio of 100 Favour per minute of buff.

Buff Description Requirements?
Stone Rage Receive twice as much clay and ore from mining pickaxes and mining tools that use coal ever second.
Wrath of Hammers Smelt bars twice as fast!
Dispersion of Saplings Every second, empty patches have a small chance of instantly growing a tree.
Eternal Flames Firemaking reward cooldowns twice as fast.
Seas of Bones Fishing nets have a chance to find fish bones.
Blooming Shores Double the catch rate of all fishing rods.
Krall's Wrath Every second, gain 1 energy. Krall book
Diverse Devotion Every second, increase the duration of a random other blessing by 3 secondes. Whelk book
Nimble Timber Double speed of creating planks. Baros Book
Dwarven Rage Increased coal production by 50%.
Rapid Cultivation Grow things twice as fast!


Item Source Favour produced
Small Bones Goblin Village and Even Forest 100
Fish Bones Nets - Seas of Bones Prayer 5
Big Bones Abysmal Demon 220
Ashes Volcano 400
Elite Bones Elite enemies 2000


Each level or research upgrades this to a better version.

Level Cost Effect Time to research
1 500 Coins Maximum duration of blessings increased to 1 hour. 1 minute
2 100,000 Coins Monsters give twice as many bones. 1 hr
3 250,000 Coins Maximum duration of blessings increased to 24 hours. 4 hrs
4 1 Milling Coins Ability to permanently activate one blessing. 12 hrs
5 10 Million Coins Maximum duration of blessings increated to 48 hours 24 hrs