Unofficial Slayer Scape 2 Wiki


Unlocked upon eating your first cooked food.

This skill allows you to hunt monsters from different realms unlocked at certain level of the skill.

On the Slayer main screen you will see three (3) sections; Equipment, Locations, Ability Shop


You can equip various items won in combat and see your current stats before battle.

  • Power - Increases the damage you deal.
  • Accuracy - Increases your chance to strike your target.
    • Hit Chance - (Accuracy)/(Accuracy + Enemy Defense)
      • Values equal to 0 or lower are treated as a 1 in the calculation.
  • Defense - Increases your change to avoid an attack.
    • Dodge Chance - (Enemy Accuracy)/(Enemy Accuracy + Defense)
  • Health - Amount of damage you can take
    • Increased by slaying elite enemies (unlocked after second slayer researched)

There are several equipment sections that will be described separately in their own pages.

  • Helm
  • Platebody (Chest Plate)
  • Platelegs (Grieves)
  • Boots
  • Shield
  • Necklace
  • Ring
  • Gauntlets
  • Cape


This is where you choose to fight you enemies. You can also see your energy at the top of the location screen.

Level Required Location Enemies
0 Training Grounds Nieve
15 Goblin Village Goblin Mage, Goblin Warrior
25 Even Forest Elf Ranger, Elf Warrior, Ent
35 Volcano Imp, Obsidian Elemental
45 Mystic Mountains Blood Mage, Ice Mage

Ability Shop

This is where you acquire your Abilities to use in battle. The full range of abilities will be covered in a separate section.

Each ability requires a certain level, Ability Emblems, and sometimes a special emblem related to that ability.


Each level or research upgrades this to a better version.

Level Cost Effect Time to research
1 500 Coins You can access the bestiary 1 minute
2 100,000 Coins Monsters have a 5% chance to be elite instead. Your maximum health is increased whenver you kill the elite version of each enemy for the first time. 1 hr
3 250,000 Coins You can now select which monster to fight. 4 hrs
4 1 Milling Coins Increased chance to receive all kinds of cryptic clues from monsters. 12 hrs
5 10 Million Coins 24 hrs