Unofficial Slayer Scape 2 Wiki

Unlocked when you craft a Copper Axe.

There are three (3) sections to the Woodcutting skill: Tools, Tree Patches and Resources.


Used to collect, process and give you more types of resources for each tree you produce.

  • Hatchet - Determines what tier of tree you can cut down and the speed at which this is accomplished.
  • Saw - Cuts logs into planks.
  • Gilded Spade - Allows the collection of tree roots.

Tree patches

You start with 2 patches that grow your trees every 2 hours.

These can be upgraded through the shop tab via Permanent Upgrades.


Item Source Requirements
Each Log Type Trees ---
Planks Saw Woodcutting lvl 1
Bird Nest Trees Woodcutting lvl 2
Crushed Nest Bird Nests ---
Roots Trees Gilded Spade


Each level or research upgrades this to a better version.

Level Cost Effect Time to research
1 500 Coins Logs can be converted into planks. 1 minute
2 100,000 Coins Fallen trees have a 10% chance to instantly spawn. 1 hr
3 250,000 Coins Elite trees have a 1% chance to spawn. 4 hrs
4 1 Milling Coins New trees give twice as much wood. 12 hrs
5 10 Million Coins 24 hrs